Shan You.

The Joy of Giving Back as a Volunteer

“It’s important to enjoy every moment in life, and I believe one of the many ways to live a meaningful life is by supporting and bringing joy to those around me.”

Mdm Vivian Chia, volunteer of Shan You Wellness Community.


As a retiree, Mdm Vivian Chia stays active and engaged by volunteering. It has been four years since she started volunteering at Shan You Wellness Community (SYWC). For her, volunteering is one of the best ways to keep her skills useful while giving back to the society.

As a regular volunteer, Vivian is actively involved in activities ranging from coordinating birthday celebrations and entertaining her audiences with classic oldies, to administrative support and packing of food ration packs. She also helps with the communal dining by serving meal to the less independent elders.

Besides volunteering at SYWC, Vivian also participates in fitness activities and dance classes with the elders. “It’s one of the best ways to stay active and healthy while forming meaningful connections within our community!”

From her sunny personality to her upbeat energy, she is a good companion to many as she is sociable and easy to get along. “I absolutely love meeting new friends and engaging with people in the community. It’s also a good way to connect and make the most of my free time!” This also makes Vivian perfect for her roles as a committed volunteer serving fellow elders, as well as active participant ageing purposefully.  

Being of service to others has enabled Vivian to gain a sense of satisfaction. It warms her heart seeing that the simple things she does each day put a smile on the faces of the elder. This has also motivated her to keep on volunteering, with no intentions of stopping her current stint. 

Join Mdm Vivian and become a committed volunteer at Shan You Wellness Community today. Experience the joy of giving back and discover how volunteering creates purpose and fulfilment in life.

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