Shan You.
Shan You.

Shan You Wellness Community

Our Shan You Wellness Community (SYWC) service unit was set up with the aim to expand Shan You’s social services activities. We hope to improve the quality of life for individuals and families by strengthening the five different aspects of wellness.

Our activities promote intergenerational bonding among the elderly, adults, youths, and children, and also foster community spirit as well as inter-racial harmony.

  • To deliver therapeutic music sessions and creative art workshops to the elderly
  • To encourage communal activities in improving physical and social wellness
  • To promote positive ways to help the socially-isolated elderly
  • To provide a platform for interested learners to pick up new knowledge and skills
  • To work towards a better social and emotional wellness to build resilience

Monday – Friday: 9 am to 5 pm (Closed on Public Holidays)
Last Saturday of the Month: 9 am to 1 pm 
Lunch is served daily (Mon to Fri) from 11.00 am to 11.15 am

Shan You.

Active Ageing

SYWC plans and organises a wide array of activities to promote active ageing. We seek to empower the elderly to lead active, healthy and meaningful lives. Through participation, the elderly can connect with fellow peers and stay socially engaged, thereby improving their overall well-being.

With this initiative, we promote:

  • Physical wellness through activities like laughing yoga
  • Intellectual wellness through activities such as craft-making workshops
  • Psychological and spiritual wellness through mindfulness-based activities
  • Social wellness through group activities such as healthy cooking demonstration
Our active-ageing activities and programmes include:

To promote health & fitness for better mind and body health.

Activities include Zumba, Laughing Yoga, Seated Yoga, Low Impact Aerobics and Stretch Band Exercise.

To promote psychosocial connections and bonding among elderly folks andeducation about places of interest, multiracial religious organizations, music, culture and the arts in Singapore. Outings include theatre performance, school visits, garden visits and supermarket and hawker tours.

To increase psychosocial emotional connection and communication and opportunities to gain knowledge and skills about values, meaning and purpose of life, as well as healthy lifestyle.

To increase knowledge and skills for cooking healthy and balanced meals and promote healthy eating lifestyle.

To acquire knowledge about common garden plants, fruit & flora and promote working as a team.

To increase and improve motor coordination and learn arts & crafts such as flower making, bracelets and handbags.

To promote social bonding and improve motor coordination skills, alertness, flexibility and memory. Games involve throwing of balls, darts, puzzle-making and bingo.

To promote relaxation and recollection of oldies that elderly folk enjoy, opportunities to reminisce and to sing a long in karaoke sessions.

To provide information on how to effectively manage and live with chronic diseases. Topics of talks by mental health and health care professionals include insomnia, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Community Health Improvement

SYWC provides two services under the Community Health Improvement (CHI) Programme: food ration distribution and in-house meal services.

Even in today’s affluent society, there are many families and individuals out there who require assistance for basic necessities that many of us take for granted.

For more than 15 years, SYWC’s Food Ration Distribution service has been distributing monthly food rations directly, in the form of basic food packs to the elderly, and families with financial difficulties, regardless of race and religion.

Who We Assist:

Underprivileged families living in rental flats and unable to have means of sustenance. Assistance ranges from 1 to 12 months.

We’re here to help.

For referrals, please complete the Request for Food Ration Distribution Service form or email us at

SYWC provides short and long-term assistance to individuals and families in need of community meal service. We hope to reach out to persons who are vulnerable and underprivileged in the community, especially the elderly, by encouraging them to gather at a communal setting and engaging them in activities to promote active ageing as well as keep social isolation at bay. Our community meal service offers service-users the opportunity to interact and bond with their neighbours in the community.

Who We Assist:
  • Rental flats tenants who are unable to work due to old age, illness or unfavourable family circumstances
  • Families with very young families with no means of subsistence, and little or no family support
  • Families going through financial or family crisis
We’re here to help.

For referrals, please email us at

Shan You.

Request for Food Ration Distribution Service

To request for Food Ration Distribution Service, please download and complete the form here.

What Some of Our Service Users Say

The staff is kind-hearted, very easy to communicate with the staff about our feedbacks! I’ve been volunteering for many years in Shan You, and I enjoyed it a lot! To be able to serve the elderly in the community and attend all the programs and exercises over here!

Mdm Chan Kuan Thai, 71

Beneficiary from Wellness Community

Thank you for the exercise classes, and keeping us active. The staff is able to assist to our needs as well. The exercises over here keep us active and make us feel young again

Mdm Lim Kim Chai, 81

Beneficiary from Wellness Community

Very happy over here, feels like a family! I’ve been volunteering with Shan You Wellness ever since it’s opened. There’s a strong sense of belonging over here at Shan You Wellness. Very thankful and grateful.

Mdm Lee Yin Wah, 81

Beneficiary from Wellness Community

Everyone is happy here, it feels like a second home. The staff is always on time, always there for us. Very thankful for that. I’ve been here ever since its opening till now. Very honoured to share my stories to the other elderly as well.

Mr Low Ah Sai, 66

Beneficiary from Wellness Community

Very satisfied with the services and volunteers who deliver rations to me, very thankful!

Mr Yong Meng, 55

Beneficiary from Food Rations Distribution Services

Thanks a lot for sending the rations to our home, really appreciated it!

Mdm Rahimah, 42

Beneficiary from Food Rations Distribution Services

Very grateful for the Food Rations Team for the monthly rations provided for us, thank you!

Mdm Hoi Hua, 74

Beneficiary from Food Rations Distribution Services

Very engaging festival celebration, able to put my photography skills into good volunteering use

Mr Tan Kok Hoe, 78

Beneficiary from Wellness Community