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Shan You Counselling Centre

Established in 1995, Shan You Counselling Centre (SYCC) provides professional counselling and mindfulness-based services to the community, regardless of ethnic background and religion.

We are committed to provide effective and accessible services that enhance the mental and social well-being of individuals and families in the community. Through our services, we strive to build a compassionate and mentally healthy community where all are empowered to live good and meaningful lives.

Over the past few years, SYCC has seen a steady increase in our counselling cases and sessions. In FY20/21, we had provided counselling to a total of 440 cases and completed a total of 1,749 counselling sessions.

  • Counselling and Psychotherapy
    for Individuals, Couples and Families
  • Live. Now. Well.
    Mindfulness-based Experiential Programmes
  • Work. Well.
    (possible new programme in 2021)
  • Age. Well.
    (possible new programme in 2021)

    Our Counselling Services


    Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 9AM to 6PM
    Tuesday: 12PM to 9PM
    Closed on Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

    We provide counselling to youths, adults, seniors, couples and families in the community. Our team of experienced counsellors and psychologists helps clients address a wide spectrum of mental health and other issues, including:

    • Anxiety issues and conditions
    • Trauma-related issues and conditions
    • Depression and mood issues and conditions
    • Bereavement and grief issues
    • Stress-related issues
    • Compulsive behavioural issues
    • Marital and relationship issues
    • Family and parenting issues

    Our counselling services are based on empirically supported psychotherapeutic approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Schema Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Systemic Approaches.

    We specialise in providing mindfulness-based interventions for mental health issues and conditions. These interventions help our clients to recover through formal and informal practices of mindfulness. A substantial body of research has shown that mindfulness-based interventions are effective in reducing psychological and emotional distress, most notably anxiety and depression, and improving the well-being and quality of life in persons with mental health conditions.

    We endeavour to help our clients improve their psychological and emotional wellness and live a better quality of life.

    Shan You.

    50-60 minutes per session

    Shan You.
    Couple / Family

    65-75 minutes per session

    A Time Surcharge of $20 is applicable for every additional 15-minute counselling time block.

    An Evening Surcharge of $20 is applicable for every counselling session scheduled at or after 6PM on weekdays.

    The normal counselling fees at Shan You Counselling Centre are subsidised. Additional counselling fee subsidy (for session fees only and up to 6 counselling sessions) is available and based on a financial assessment. Supporting documents are required.

    All applications for additional counselling fee subsidy will be considered on a case-by-case basis and subjected to approval at the sole discretion of Shan You Management. For more information and/or to apply for additional counselling fee subsidy, please email us at

    Shan You.

    50-60 minutes per session

    Shan You.
    Couple / Family

    65-75 minutes per session

    A Time Surcharge of $20 is applicable for every additional 15-minute counselling time block.

    An Evening Surcharge of $20 is applicable for every counselling session scheduled at or after 6PM on weekdays.

    The MyCommunity Counselling Fund was launched in 2020 to support counselling fee subsidies for individuals and families with financial difficulties. The fund is fully (100%) used to provide subsidised counselling to clients at Shan You Counselling Centre.

    The fund depends on the generous donations of individuals and corporate donors. All donations to this fund are eligible for 250% tax deductions. For more information and/or to donate to the fund, please email us at

    What Some of Our Clients Say

    Having been diagnosed with clinical depression for more than a year, I came to Shan You with little or no expectation. I was convinced that the issues I was facing were self-inflicted and self-created. As such only I could pull myself out of it. No doubt I did not see the immediate benefits of our counselling sessions but gradually I saw that the compassion, empathy and non-judgemental “safe place” I experienced during my counselling sessions enabled me to find strength to unknowingly combat my suicidal tendencies as well as to begin to live with hope. I was able to learn techniques which I still apply in my life one year on. My counsellor, Ga Li helped me to “find meaning in the pain” and today I am in a place in my life I never thought possible 10 years ago.

    48-year-old female

    Depression issues

    I have seen many mental health professionals over the years to address certain difficult-to-treat issues: chronic depression, complex PTSD and various addiction problems. However none of them seems to produce much positive results and I even feel unsupported and not understood at times. When I came to Shan You, I was initially doubtful about my counsellor Wei Xin as he is very young compared to the other counsellors I've worked with. But I found that we could connect on a very profound level compared to the other mental health professionals. He kept me going even as I lost hope that I could ever see the light at the end of the tunnel, and he was measured in his approach even as he was dynamic in addressing my evolving issues and needs. I also like the recent addition of therapeutic yoga exercises to our sessions too and I find it very empowering especially for a trauma patient like me. I couldn't recommend enough of Shan You for its dedication to its clients.

    Isaac (pseudoname)


    My counselling experience with Ga Li has been life-changing. In the 13 sessions, I've begun healing my childhood and relationship pains, gained so much awareness of the way I managed my thoughts and emotions, and I feel empowered to seek fulfillment, and practice much more self love and care. This has had a positive ripple effect to how people around me feel and behave with me too. I am forever grateful that I've found Ga Li - because through her, I found myself.

    31-year-old female

    Childhood trauma

    I started seeing a counsellor at Shan You Counselling Centre in May 2017, with the hope to overcome the challenging moments in my life and prevent my condition from getting worse. This is the first time in my life. I tried to overcome the social stigma and my own perception to seek help at the counselling centre. I am so blessed to be paired with my counsellor who is very dedicated and understanding. She handled client consent in a professional manner, which made me confident to tell her my condition. My sleep pattern has improved after just a few sessions and slowly my mindset has changed. Besides, I practise yin yoga and meditation too. I am so grateful to the professional counsellor and staff in Shan You. Thanks for never rejecting my first call and helping me get back on track. I think going for the counselling service here is one of the best choices that I have made.

    35-year-old female

    (Counselling for depressive and anxiety symptoms)

    My experience for the counselling sessions has been very important to me. I do feel much better now and I have seen the improvement. The people around me also have mentioned that I have improved in various areas of my life. I think I am more well-equipped now to face these issues head-on. The roller coaster of my life is still going. But as we discussed, I am now taught to deal with it with a different approach as compared to the previous ways that damaged me in the past. Thank you again Ga Li and Shan You Counselling Centre for taking up my case.

    28-year-old male

    Anger management issues

    Going back 2 years ago, I was very intrigued by the mindfulness practice as I researched that it does help to elevate anxiety and create more self-awareness. Shan You counselling was one of the few more affordable places that offered that and I was fortunate to be paired with my counsellor Wei Xin. He has created a safe space for me to learn about myself and to be able to verbalise my struggles. He isn't afraid to share his experiences too and ways he manages them. He also uses fun techniques such as cards with expression and alters the sessions based on your needs! I have grown to be a more aware individual both in my personal life and working life. On days that I am feeling anxious, I actively practice the suggestions that Wei Xin provides examples are breathing techniques and to expand my thoughts, it does help with creating more compassion for the ones around and most importantly myself. I am glad I had the support to take this step to grow as a person and always grateful for what Wei Xin has given to me as a person.


    27-year-old female

    I highly recommend Shan You Counselling Center's counselling services. I have been under counsellor Huang Wei Xin for the past 2 years and my time and money spent have definitely been well worth it. They have been very professional and provided more than adequate care for me. They provided a safe space to talk about my problems and mental health without feeling judged. Counsellor Wei Xin was very patient and empathetic, and I always felt comfortable and heard whenever we were in session. I liked how each session helped to empower me and shed different perspectives on my situation. The coping mechanisms/tools gained have allowed me to better function and thrive in my day to day life. I would literally not be here without the persistent and consistent care given by my counsellor and Shan You Counselling Center. Very grateful to have found and employed their services.

    Su Lin

    28-year-old female

    The counselling service enabled me to listen better to my spouse. It helped me to realise my inability to discern things and to cope better. It also improved the relationship between me and my spouse. I will recommend this service to others.

    48-year-old male

    (Counselling for marital concerns)

    At Shan You, I've found a tranquil place and a safe, therapeutic space. From Ping Ping's patience and kindness at reception to my sessions with Wei Xin, my counsellor and even the "homework", each session has been very helpful in the face of mounting challenges & struggles. I am blessed to have been referred to Shan You and assigned an experienced, empathetic cousellor to walk alongside me on my journey of healing and self-discovery.

    Mei Chu

    59-year-old female

    I stopped blaming others and began seeing things the way they are. What I learnt about mindfulness here helped me better manage my emotions and interpersonal problems. I feel more confident as a person and have made many positive changes after counselling. Thank you!

    23-year-old male

    (Counselling for low self-esteem from body shame)

    During the first meeting, I didn't know what precisely was/were troubling me, just that I felt troubled and have been for as long as I can remember. With patience, empathy, genuineness, an open mind, and many thought-provoking questions, Ga Li helped me peel away at the layers and nudged me in the direction where I could and would find possible answers. Maybe like most people who seek counselling, I did it as a last resort and with a head full of skepticism. But since my first session, not only have I changed my mind completely, it is now something I would point people who need help in the direction of.

    43-year-old female

    Counselling for anger issues & self-criticism

    I just want to say a heartfelt thank you, Ga Li! I'm looking back at the year as it comes to a close, and it's unbelievable how absolutely challenging this year had been, and on so many fronts. I am fortunate to cross path with you at my most broken. Thank you for giving me a safe space when I had nobody to speak to. It had, quite literally, saved me.

    35-year-old female

    Grief & existential issues

    Shan You.

    Live. Now. Well.

    Live. Now. Well. is an initiative by Shan You Counselling Centre to provide accessible and effective mindfulness-based programmes to enhance mental and emotional wellness. These experiential programmes aim to help individuals cultivate mindfulness and empower them to make choices and take actions based on their personal values in daily life.

    The practice of mindfulness helps us to direct attention to what is happening in the present moment with intention and openness to experience.

    Cultivating mindfulness enables one to gain greater psychological flexibility to respond intentionally rather than reacting automatically to what is happening in the moment. The practice of mindfulness has been associated with improvements in physical, mental and emotional health as well as better quality of life.

    Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is an evidence-based 8-week programme that integrates mindfulness practices with elements of Cognitive Therapy.

    The programme helps participants to cultivate mindfulness and the capacity to be present to each moment with openness. Mindfulness allows us the ability to respond intentionally and purposefully to situations in life instead of reacting habitually. Research has shown that the MBCT programme leads to improvements in one’s mental and emotional well-being and quality of life.

    Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an empirically supported experiential programme that combines the skills of mindfulness and self-compassion to enhance one’s capacity for emotional wellness.

    Self-compassion has the paradoxical effect of both soothing our emotional distress and opening us to the pain that we may have been unconsciously holding inside,often for many years. Research has indicated that the MSC programme significantly increases self-compassion, compassion for others, mindfulness and life satisfaction as well as decreases depression, anxiety and stress.

    The Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Teaching (TIMT) programme addresses the growing need for teachers of mindfulness, self-compassion and other contemplative practices to be more trauma-informed.

    The programme skills up teachers so that they can support their participants through the principles of a trauma-aware approach as identified by the US National Center for Trauma-Informed Care.

    The series of Mindfulness-based Mental Wellness programmes are designed to help participants improve their emotional and mental well-being and quality of life. These programmes are based on the activities of art, yoga, Tai Chi and movement.

    Research has shown that these activities when combined with mindfulness elements can lead to beneficial outcomes like increased levels of mindfulness, well-being and quality of life as well as improved mental health symptoms.

    Mindfulness with Yoga is an experiential programme for anyone who is looking for resources to restore well-being in their daily life.

    Yoga is sometimes viewed as a practice suited only to flexible people or as a form of workout, discounting its benefits to one’s mind and spirit. Through simple beginner movements, breath and short meditation practices, this programme provides steps to cultivate moment-to-moment awareness and physical well-being.

    The Breath of Yoga is an 8-week mindfulness-based yoga programme that reacquaints individuals with their physical bodies and guides them as they begin the inward journey towards well-being.

    This programme includes the practices of active and restorative poses (asana), breath-movement coordinated sequences (vinyasa) and meditation.

    The Art of Being Present is a mindfulness-based art therapy programme that utilises visual arts to cultivate insights and enhance our sense of well-being.

    Through eight weeks of mindfulness practice with art-making, participants will undergo a journey of self-discovery. This programme is person-centred, which means that one’s personal experience is honoured, and individuals are trusted in their own innate abilities to fulfil their personal potential.

    Movement from An Existential Point is based on existential therapy principles and builds on mindfulness through awareness in the body and awareness of self and others.

    This programme imparts emotional regulation techniques through the body, supports self-development, improves relationships with self and others and builds the foundation for deeper mindfulness practice. Movement Aspect includes free-form movement, light facilitation, exploring new behaviours, supporting personal expressions, exploring relationships within the body (with self) and exploring relationships outside the body (with others).

    Taichi is about cultivating harmony within oneself. Mindfulness with Taichi teaches the integration of harmony back into our lives through the principles of Taichi with the emphasis of mindfulness elements. In this programme, individuals will learn to deepen awareness, coupled with gentle and relaxed movements, and the movement of the mind to release tensions and stress that prevent the natural and smooth flow of Chi in our bodies. In doing so, participants will be cultivating Chi, mindfulness and mental wellness.

    What our past participants have to say…

    Mindfulness with Yoga has been enriching and eye-opening. It has enabled me to cultivate kindness to myself and appreciate the love around me. It has also allowed me to be a mindful parent as well. It was a good start to a long journey of mindfulness in future. My guru, Jace, was patient, relevant and succinct with the information needed for understanding of yoga in simpler forms. Thank you 😊


    Participant of Mindfulness with Yoga

    Being able to express ourselves using art is a less commonly used modality of expression in my daily life. Expressing it together in a group gives me a feeling of unity, community with fellow acquaintances, connecting and uniting us in our shared humanity. It feels like we’re all in it (Life) together.

    Yu Qi

    Participant of Art of Being Present

    The class helped me to learn more about myself and to practice and cultivate habits such as self-awareness, observing, non-judgement and self-care. It is the starting journey for me to take better care of myself.


    Participant of Mindfulness with Taichi

    It brought me back to just be myself, love myself, not stress myself in a class. Definitely something I needed at a stress and doubt filled period in my life. Allowed me to be calm, focused and committed. Very friendly and mindful environment.


    Participant of Breath of Yoga

    Wan Ting is very passionate and dedicated to her students in guiding them to uncover their deepest potential through her systematic delivery of the body and movement class. Thank you Wan Ting 😊

    Victor Tan

    Participant of Movement from an Existential Point

    Great engaging trainer with great conducive environment! Refreshed after every session!


    Participant of Mindfulness with Yoga

    Soul searching experience that was wholesome, simple and easy to follow. Definitely for all ages. Enjoyed the experience. It helped me manage my difficult emotion – felt more whole in 5-6 weeks


    Participant of Art of Being Present

    Calvin will break any stereotype you have about Taichi and how you can apply the essence of Taichi to all areas of your life.

    Hui Min

    Participant of Mindfulness with Taichi

    This is an experiential programme which has helped me gain better insight to mindfulness. It also inspires me to further pursue my interest in yoga, as the programme focuses on the core of yoga.


    Participant of Mindfulness with Yoga

    Pearlyn was a fantastic teacher. The programme allowed time for reflection and sharing from everyone. It allows you to have space to allow yourself to think good and compassionate thoughts about yourself.


    Participant of Art of Being Present

    I really treasure the time I have spent here for the past 8 weeks. I feel good after each session, bringing away peace and strength. Grateful to attend it once a week to unwind. Thank you Jace!


    Participant of Mindfulness with Yoga

    Art of Being Present is a relaxing and therapeutic way of getting in touch with yourself. The process felt safe and easy for the soul. Happy to feel connected with my whole being.


    Participant of Art of Being Present

    This programme stays true to the practice of Yoga. It helped me to integrate holistically the physical and psychological aspects of being fully human.


    Participant of Breath of Yoga

    I’ve joined two Mindfulness Classes so far. Overall, it’s good. The trainer is good, knowledgeable and very willing to share. It’s a good place for whoever wants to get to know more about Mindfulness or start practicing mindfulness. I would go for other classes if the topic is interesting. :D


    Participant of Mindfulness with Taichi

    After completing this programme, I feel that I can apply mindfulness in my everyday life and job. I was ready to speak my thoughts and at the same time be always mindful at my own emotion.


    Participant of Breath of Yoga

    Mindfulness through movements allows me to be aware of my body and be able to allow thoughts to flow. I was able to understand myself better and be connected.

    Sherlynn Bey

    Participant of Movement from an Existential Point

    This course is an easy and gentle entry point into both mindfulness and Taichi for people who are curious and interested in exploring how they relate to your life and work.

    Khai Seng

    Participant of Mindfulness with Taichi

    Putting yourself in touch with your own body and emotions is a powerful tool.

    Hui Min

    Participant of Movement from an Existential Point

    Shan You.

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