Shan You.

Shan You is a social service agency founded in 1995 to provide mental health and social care services to our community.

A registered charity with the status of Institutions of a Public Character (IPC), Shan You is also a full member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Through our services, which are available to all in the community, regardless of race, religion and ability to pay, we seek to improve the mental and social well-being of people from all walks of life.

Today, Shan You operates two centres, which are Shan You Counselling Centre in Kallang and Shan You Wellness Community in Eunos.

Shan You.

Our Name

“Shan You” (in Chinese “善友”) is derived from the Pali word “Kalyanamitta”, which means “Noble Friend”. A “Noble Friend” is one who is compassionate, moral, mindful and wise. With these guiding values, we strive to be a “Shan You” to all.


To be a renowned hub of excellence for mental health and community wellness services for the well-being of all.


To deliver accessible and effective services that enhance the mental and social well-being of individuals and families in the community.


At Shan You, our core values guide us in our work and services to the community.


To alleviate the suffering of all without distinction.


To act ethically and not cause harm.


To be aware of our experiences in the present moment without judgment.


To understand things as they truly are.

We serve all in the community, regardless of race, religion and ability to pay. We are committed to our service values to guide our decisions and actions.


Acting with a conscious intention to render services for the well-being of all.


Being responsible to our community, donors and stakeholders.


Having regard for the autonomy, dignity and rights of others.


Working together with a shared sense of purpose in fulfilling our vision and mission.


Being truthful and fair in our words and actions.

Shan You.

Our Logo

Shan You.

The “O” encapsulates the idea that we are all connected as one in a circle of life where things are constantly changing.

The Chinese Characters “善友” (Shan You) describe a trusted friend who possesses the noble qualities of compassion, morality, mindfulness and wisdom.

Rendered in blue and gold, the blue colour symbolises wisdom and compassion while the gold colour represents confidence and a sense of completion.

Shan You.



Funded by the Tai Pei Foundation. Buddhist Fellowship (formerly Buddhist Graduate Fellowship) set up Tai Pei Counselling Centre, the first Buddhist counselling centre in Singapore.


With the expansion of services, the Centre moved to Foo Hai Ch’an Monastery and was renamed as Ren Ci Counselling Centre.


  • Initial plans by monastery to move the Centre to Ren Ci Hospital, a hospital for chronically ill patients.
  • However, a decision was reached to operate an independent counselling centre for serving the community and preventing frequent relocations.
  • Shan You Counselling Centre was established and registered as a society on 17 June.
  • The name of Shan You Counselling Centre was suggested by Venerable Mun Cheng and endorsed by the Management Committee.
  • Situated at Lorong 35, Geylang.


Shan You Counselling Centre relocated to the void deck of Block 9 Upper Boon Keng Road in May.


  • Moved to current premises at Block 5 Upper Boon Keng Road due to HDB’s redevelopment programme.
  • The location was chosen for easy accessibility by public transport and its close proximity to the community that the Centre aims to serve.


Shan You Wellness Community was set up in 2010 to extend the social impact of our work by providing social care to the elderly and less privileged individuals.


Shan You Counselling Centre was restructured in 2017 to better align with our strategic directions and fully represent our diverse services. Shan You Counselling Centre was renamed Shan You and manages

  • Shan You Counselling Centre
  • Shan You Wellness Community
  • Shan You Professional Training