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Upcoming Events
Movement from an Existential Point
From : 16 - Feb To  2019 | 11.15am – 1.00pm
every Saturday

Venue: Venue: Shan You Counselling Centre Blk 5, Upper Boon Keng Road, #02-15, S(380005)

MOVEMENT FROM AN EXISTENTIAL POINT - Movement. Self. Awareness. Breath. Integration.
This 8-week program is based on existential therapy principles and builds on mindfulness primarily through awareness in the body and awareness of self and others. It is a safe space that:

• Imparts emotional regulation techniques through the body
• Supports self-development
• Improves relationships with self and others.
• Equips us with the foundation for deeper mindfulness practice.

Movement Aspect includes free-form movement, light facilitation, exploring new behaviours, supporting personal expressions, exploring relationships within the body (with self) and exploring relationships outside the body (with others).

What are the benefits?
Research on other mindfulness-based movement programmes have found that they can help to:
- Improve understanding of self
- Improve emotional and spiritual wellbeing
- Improve self-confidence and communication
- Improve coping skills with relaxation and stress management techniques

Programme Details
16 Feb to 6 Apr 2019 | Saturdays | 11.15am – 1pm at Shan You Counselling Centre
Cost: $180* for 8 weekly sessions

Help us build an environment of mental wellness in the community! Provide feedback before the start, at the end and one month after the end of programme to qualify for a $100 rebate in programme fees! Only participants who attend at least 6 out of 8 sessions and provide complete information at the 3 data collection periods will qualify for the $100 rebate. The option to participate in the evaluation study is only applicable for participants who attend only 1 programme at each run.

Sign up for the programme here or call 67419293 for more information.
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