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Social Care Services

Wellness Community

The Wellness Community project was started to expand Shan You’s social services activities. The goal of the Wellness Community is to improve the quality of life through strengthening the five different aspects of wellness for individuals and families. Our activities promote intergenerational bonding for families, seniors, children and youths, and encourage community spirit and inter-racial harmony.

The objectives of the programmes are:
  1. To deliver therapeutic music sessions and creative art workshops to the elderly
  2. To encourage communal activities in improving physical and social wellness
  3. To promote the positive aspects to help isolated elderly
  4. To provide a platform for interested learners to learn new knowledge and skills
  5. To work towards a better social and emotional wellness to build resilience
Free Meals

Shan You provides short or long-term assistance to needy individuals and families with the supply of free meals. The period of assistance range from 1 meal to 12 months. Priority is for those living in rental flats who are unable to work due to old age, illness or unfavourable family circumstances; with very young children in the family; have no means of subsistence and little or no family support; financial or family crisis.

Opening Hours

Mondays-Fridays: 9 am to 5 pm

: 9 am to 1 pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
Please contact Shan You Wellness Community at or 6745 9293

Befriending Service

Shan You Befriending service was established to benefit primarily the elderly, the lonely, the sick, the terminally ill, the physically and mentally disabled ones coming from poor family and/or lacking social support. Throughout the year, on a weekly basis, befriending volunteers visited the beneficiaries' home and offered their personal time and attention, usually in the form of companionship, to their respective clients.

All the befriending volunteers were required to undergo a pre-service training programme, equipping them with basic relationship building skills and basic counselling skills including active listening, demonstrating empathy, interviewing and enhancing self-awareness.

Beside weekly home visits, other support services such as medical escort service, home maintenance service and self-care support for homebound clients etc., were also organised.

Social Service Activities

Besides the monthly food rations and home visits, Shan You also provide other social service activities for the disadvantaged groups in the community.

These activities included case assessment, hair cutting, home maintenance service, medical escort service, foot reflexology, massage, outings and visitations to Shan You's clients and other community service agencies. These were in-line with our objectives of promoting family life and well-being of individuals, through personal care and hygiene which uplifted their personal image; encouraging them to go for their regular medical appointments; promoting intergenerational social interaction and lifelong learning.
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