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Marriage Preparation Programme
Prepare for Marital Bliss: Click here to download the flyer

Marriage Preparation and Enrichment Programme

The course prepares couples for a healthy and enriching marriage and family life. It can assist soon-to-be married and married couples to lay the foundation for their marriage, gain valuable insights into individual strengths and weaknesses and learn practical skills on topics ranging from communication, conflict resolution, sexual intimacy, financial management, and building relationship with in-laws.

The course has elements of discussion, sharing and psycho-education. It can be discussed with the trainer for the format of the course to be more discussion based. Couples are welcome to bring up to the attention of the trainer relevant topics from the range offered, to be covered in depth.However, kindly note that the course is a discussion workshop and not a counselling session. The course offers an avenue to learn and explore with the trainer how to better prepare for marriage. There will be a report generated for the couple after they completed the Prepare/Enrich Inventory in the first session, and the report will help couple to understand each other and also help to serve as a point of discussion.

For further discussions of issues, Shan You Counselling Centre also offers counselling services, and one complementary counselling session will be provided after the course.

Course Title: Prepare for Marital Bliss

Language: English or Mandarin

Course Schedule

Group Couple category: 2 to 3 sessions of 3 to 4 hours per session (Total 10 hours)
Individual Couple category: 3 to 4 sessions of 2 to 3 hours per session (Total 8 hours)

Cost per Couple

Group Couple category: $280 per couple
Individual Couple category: $350 per couple

Online Test scoring

Course fee includes Online Test scoring worth $30 per couple

Course Materials

Prepare & Enrich Inventory Kit

Rebate from MSF

On completion of the programme, each couple qualifies for a $70 rebate from the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

Disbursement from MSF

The rebate from MSF will be reimbursed within 2 months after the last session.

Complimentary Counselling

Each couple will receive one complimentary counselling session after the course is completed.

Topics include

Marriage expectation
Conflict resolution
Partner style and habits
Financial management
Leisure activities
Sexuality and affection
Children and parenting
Family and friends
Relationship roles
Spiritual beliefs


Ms Alice Liang
MSocSc (Professional Counselling), Certified Prepare & Enrich Facilitator

Tel: 6741 9293
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