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Our clinical team of counsellors and psychologists is committed to providing compassionate, effective and culturally-sensitive counselling and psychotherapy to children, adults and families. They are dedicated helping professionals who are passionate about assisting clients achieve a higher quality of life.
Our clinical team handles a host of behavioural and mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Typical problem areas presented to our team include parenting issues, marital or couples issues, elderly issues, grief and loss, work stress, and stress-related health issues.

Research has demonstrated the positive effects of mindfulness practice on our physical and mental health. In keeping with our organizational objectives, mindfulness skills are integrated into our evidence-based counselling approaches. Clients wishing to learn mindfulness skills are taught by their counsellor/psychologist and are encouraged to cultivate a mindfulness practice.

A counselling session usually lasts for fifty minutes, and fees range from $20 to $50 depending on the client’s income level. Fees may be waived in certain cases upon request. In cases where certain testing is done, a fee will be charged.
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Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA): A Personality Traits Test
T-JTA is one of the most widely used psychological Personality Traits test used by counsellors and social workers to help clients develop awareness of personal characteristics.

It measures a number of attitudes and behavioral tendencies, which influence; personal, social, marital, parental, family, academic, and vocational adjustment.

When working with couples and families in premarital, marital, relationship or family counselling (e.g. parent and teenage child), the T-JTA with its unique ‘criss-cross’ testing feature can reveal areas of mutual understanding and compatibility and areas at risk of misunderstanding and incompatibility within the interpersonal relationship.

Results will be presented in a visual form to help understand how balanced they may be and how they may improve.
The T-JTA test comprises of two one-hour sessions:
1st session: Introduction, Assessment, Profiling
2nd session: Report & Feedback

Fees: $60  (for individual)
          $90 (for each couple)

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