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Make A Difference!
SHAN YOU COUNSELLING CENTRE being a charitable organisation is not only dependent on the public for funds but is also highly reliant on individuals who are willing to contribute their time and energy to serve our community.

Be the ONE to help Make A Difference. Regardless of how frequent you are able to volunteer, your contribution counts and is deeply appreciated.

Volunteers Contribute - Time, Effort, Money & Heart …… through
• Yuan Yuan Helpline
• Food Rations Distribution Service
• Befriending and Community
• Project and Events

Volunteer Group

Individual Volunteering Opportunities
Volunteers are an important asset to our community and we are currently looking for volunteers to become our ambassador for the newly launched Nobel Ambassador Programme (NAP).Volunteers recruited in the NAP will spend their time to support and assist the young and elderly within our community. Our ambassadors will undergo 4 weeks of training that enables them to learn essential befriending skills. Ambassadors will then apply what they learnt by participating in the befriending and other social support services.

Corporate Volunteering Opportunities
Shan You Counselling Centre welcomes corporate organisations, in their social responsibility efforts, for their staff to volunteer with us.

If your company would like to know more, you please contact us with the following information and we can explore ways of partnership.
• Main objective for the volunteering action
• Type of activity you are interested in
• Number of staff who would be volunteering
Your participation will help to enhance the wellness of the community.

Volunteer Responsibilities & Benefits

Volunteer Responsibilities

• Maintain confidentiality of all the clients/beneficiaries’ information.
• Be responsible and complete the tasks as assigned.
• Be punctual for the services/sessions.
• Be respectful to the people in your interaction.
• Abide by the centre’s rules and regulations.

Volunteering will bring you …

• Opportunity to render direct or indirect service to the needy and community
• Opportunity to learn, share and get involves with different tasks, and develops a variety of skills.
• Opportunity for family involvement, bonding and social interaction.
• Opportunity to cultivate a sense of compassion, patience and loving-kindness.
• Impact on life - Appreciation of life/health/family; self growth and personal development.

Yes! I would like to help!
If you wish to be our volunteer,  please fill in the Volunteer Registration Form and send it to us by email to
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