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MindFulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 5-Day Programme
MindFulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) 5-Day Programme
Dates: Early December 2017 (Tentative)
Time: 9.30am-5.30pm
Venue: Shan You Counselling Centre

Professionals and the Public will have an opportunity to experience and explore MBCT in depth with the content and practices that are usually delivered over 8 weeks.
MBCT integrates mindfulness meditation techniques with elements of cognitive therapy. A number of clinical trials have shown it to be a cost-effective method of reducing relapse in people who have suffered repeated episodes of depression. In the UK, it is now being used to help persons with chronic fatigue, health anxiety, eating disorders, as well as people who are recurrently depressed and suicidal. Its efficacy for a broad range of UK National Health Service outpatients with mental health conditions is being explored.
The 5-day MBCT programme will offer professionals and the public an opportunity to experience this evidence-based approach for themselves.

Participants will have:
  • Direct personal experience of mindfulness meditation practices
  • Opportunities to reflect on and discuss experiences with one another and the course teacher
  • Opportunities to discover ways to let mindfulness be part of daily life and work
Mindfulness trains one to focus on what is happening in the here and now with intention and openness to experience. This heightening of the awareness of the nature of our mind over time allows one to develop greater freedom to respond intentionally rather than reacting automatically to life. Cultivating mindfulness has been associated with improvements in physical, psychological, and emotional health and greater appreciation of life.
Ms Ong Ee Lin, MSc (Psych), has been certified to deliver MBCT through the Oxford Mindfulness Centre (OMC), UK, supervised pathway and is an OMC Associate. She has an interest in research-based approaches that bring together the strengths of modern science and ancient wisdom to help alleviate suffering and promote well-being in people. Ee Lin has been offering MBCT in a number of contexts and currently resides in Christchurch, New Zealand and returns frequently. She also mentors facilitators in parts of the Oceania region.
What to ‘bring’ along:
  • Commitment to the full 5 days is strongly encouraged
  • Yourself and the willingness to experience
Targeted participants:
The public and mental health and healthcare professionals who are interested in the experience of Mindfulness & MBCT.
Fee per participant: S$800
To register your interest for this programme, kindly email us your name and contact details to
or call 6741-9293
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