Our Logo, Vision, Mission & Objectives
Meaning of our logo
'Shan You' (善友) is derived from the Buddhist concept of 'Kalyana-mitta' (Pali language), which literally translated means 'Noble Friend' or 'Good Friend' (善知识). A Noble Friend is one who is virtuous, learned and wise.

The Buddha himself is the Good Friend par excellence: "...it is owing to my being a good friend to them that living beings subject to birth are freed from birth." (Samyutta Nikaya III, 18).

With the guiding Buddhist principles of Compassion, Morality, Concentration and Wisdom, the Centre strives to be a 'Shan You' to all.

The Centre's logo is a golden Buddhist hand gesture of fearlessness. It also represents a helping hand of volunteerism. This is placed in the heart of a full-bloom lotus that is outlined in blue. The lotus signifies purity and non-defilement amidst the troubles of this troubled world. At the base of the logo is its name, Shan You.

Our Vision
To be the Buddhist hub for social services and to promote family life and well-being of individuals.

Our Mission
To serve the community with the Buddhist principles: compassion, morality, concentration and wisdom; through

  • Professional counselling, family support services and social services
  • Developing a pool of volunteers that supports the services of the centre
  • Advocating and networking for services to all sectors of the society
Our Objectives
i)   To promote behavioural, mental and physical health of the community.

ii)  To encourage the development of family life and individual well-being through intergenerational bonding.

iii) To provide opportunities for volunteers to render social services to the community. To provide expertise and resources to develop, train, manage and supervise
     these volunteers.

iv) To disseminate information on behavioural, mental and physical health, social policies and community services through professional training, public education, seminars and distribution of brochures and media resources.

Our Values
We serve children, families, youth and the elderly, regardless of race, religion and ability to pay; and are committed to our values to guide our decisions and behaviour.


Service user satisfaction is paramount


Honesty and fairness in our actions


Teamwork in meeting the needs of our clients

Strong sense of social responsibility to the community and stakeholders
Recognise that our clients are seeking support and must be respected
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