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Mindfulness for Teens
Fun-sessions for ages 11-18.

Mindfulness practice is not only for adults.
In fact from the moment we are born, all of us are equipped with the ability to be aware.
This helps us to pay attention and cope with difficulties Thus, it makes complete sense that this is a potential that should begin from young before they even face up to the challenges of life.
.b stands for “Stop, Breathe and Be!”, which is the simple act of mindfulness forming the core of the nine-session mindfulness course for teens, each approximately 45min to an hour. Based on the core structure of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), .b is carefully crafted as a fun way for teens to learn mindfulness. It is taught with striking visuals, film clips and activities that bring mindfulness to life without losing the precision, expertise and integrity of classic mindfulness teachings. Developed by three experienced classroom teachers and mindfulness practitioners, Richard Burnett, Chris Cullen and Chris O’Neil, the course has been widely implemented in schools in the United Kingdom and United States.

Trainers provided by Shan You have trained directly with .b developers, along with others. Our trainers are also able to facilitate the MBCT 8-weeks sessions for staff/parents (upon gathering a minimal of 10 participants) so that staff/parents themselves may also benefit from mindfulness practice and subsequently go on to support students/children in their understanding of mindfulness.

.b is designed in line with principles identified as important for effectiveness in several reviews of schools-based programmes that promote mental health and well-being and teach social and emotional competence.

Why .b?
.b aims to help young people through providing a way of experiencing and interacting to overcome difficulties, thrive and flourish.

At the most simple level, .b for Teens is an awareness training exercise to give all students a taste of mindfulness so that they know about it and can return to it later in life if they choose to do so.

For many teens the mindfulness course can lead to striking outcomes as part of the process:
• Experience greater well-being, e.g. happier, calmer, more fulfilled
• Improve concentration and focus
• More able to manage difficult mental states
• Provide a toolkit to deal with everyday stresses and strains of adolescent life

For more information about how to bring this to your school or to send your child to this program or if you have a group of 10 teens who would like to participate and for us to come to you, call our office at 67419293 or email
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